I started out as a photographer. In the last 10 years I have also been working with embroidery, paper collages and text. I am fascinated by words and their significance. To embroider a word or a drawing with stitches hits the same nerve in me as when I as a 20 year old discovered the magic power of photography.

Most of the work on this homepage is for sale. I also do embroidered words on commission.

I also teach photography – more info here : freestylefoto.dk kbhfilmogfotoskole.dk


The longer version :

10 years : I’m gonna write about everything

At first I was convinced that I was going to be a journalist. I wrote a story from the county fair about our long eared rabbit who won a Blue Ribbon. I sent it to the local newspaper and received a Parker pen in return. I wrote very, very long essays in school and was asked to tone it down a bit. I liked to observe and was good at it, too.

20 years : Photograpy – nothing else

Then I stumbled into photography, almost by accident. It was to observe in another way. At the same time it was more challenging. It demanded more than seeing, listening & writing down the observations. Here I some times had to go and ask people: ’may I’. It was fantastic, magic and fun – and then suddenly it wasn’t quite enough anymore. When the digital took over from the darkroom everything vanished into the computer. The pictures felt harder to come by. I wanted the images out of the machine. I wanted to be able to touch them physically and keep on adding layers, in real life.

30 years : The Ghost out of the machine

I started building the images in different layers in small boxes. I put hundreds of small familiy pictures on a folding screen. I did puzzles made of wooden blocks with pictures on them. Photography was still the foundation but now more a part of the picture than the whole image. When I used a photograph as the main medium it could be in the form of parts of a negative, creating a grainy image which almost looked like a painting. I also started to embroider words and sentences. A cross-stitch was like a pixel. To transform photography and words into embroidered symbols was a natural proces.

40 years : Putting it all together

The idea of collages appealed to me. I made pictures out of found embroideries by cutting them up and sewing them together again by hand into new and contrasting images. I made paper collages where gender, animals and buildings met each other under new circumstances. Alongside this I worked on refining the embroidered words with meanings that contrasted the soft fabric and the neat stitches.



Laura Eriksen, b. 1965


1997-99         Høgskolan for fotografi, Gøteborgs Universitet, MFA

1992-95         Høgskolan for fotografi, Gøteborgs Universitet, BA


Selecetd group and solo exhibitions

2013 : Behind the Scenes – Galleri Kontor

2011-2013 : MAX A5 – Galleri Kontor

2010 : Kæphest – Galleri Stald, Bolsjefabrikken

2009 : letting go #1 – Antikvariat 2B

2009 : Gender Test - playing with identity – Backyard Gallery

2009 : FAR - Galleri Krebsen

2009 : Palles børnebørn - Clausens Kunsthandel

2008 : Starfuckers - Falkener Project

2007 : I skabet (v/ Galleri Signe Vad)

2005 : RØD ZONE - Galleri Signe Vad

2003 : Making Eyes - Fotografisk Center